Who we are.

Easy AI is an AI automation agency working for small businesses.

While advances in artificial intelligence have enabled business to operate with less employee hours than ever before, there still exists a wide gulf between large companies harnessing AI technology and the small to medium enterprises yet to incorporate it.

Our goal has always been to simplify the process of integrating AI into your organization. Whether it's a simple chatbot or fully-automated virtual employee, we take the mystery out of AI and put it to work for you. It's our belief that using AI should and can be as simple as composing an email or updating a photo on a website.

Now that you know who we are, it's important to know who we aren't.

We won't recommend a service that isn't a good fit your business.

Part of our initial consultation is to consider the feasibility of AI integration for our clients. If it won't save you time and money, we won't sell it to you. It's that simple.

Who we aren't.

Now is the time to start.

empty road
empty road

The next few years will see the business world transformed by the introduction of artificial intelligences capable of increasingly complex tasks. The road ahead is paved with opportunities for early adopters of AI. Now is the time to start your journey.

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Chris Haber is a... Before stepping into the AI business, he worked in film adverstising as an editor. He is a published author of books and screenplays who enjoys hiking and good cup of coffee.


Coder McCoder is a ....with X years experience in...His experience includes...


Trusty McTrust is the developer of....years experience working with AI...

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We'll discuss your needs, and whether or not AI is the right fit for your organization. If it is, we'll do a full evaluation of your company, identify areas where AI can improve efficiency, and present you with options with how to move forward.

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